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Sakthi Auto Component Limited


Sakthi Auto Component Limited is committed to consistently provide the products that meet Interested parties, applicable statutory & regulatory requirements and will aim to enhance Interested parties   satisfaction.

We shall achieve this by :

  • Establishing and maintaining the Quality management system to meet the National & International Customer specific requirements.
  • Identifying and meeting the Interested parties needs and expectations.
  • Continually Improve the QMS.
  • Upgradation of technology & human resources.
  • Maintaining clean and safe working environment throughout the organization.


Sakthi Auto Component Limited is committed to continually improve its Environmental, Occupational Health and Safety Management System to enhance the Environmental and Safety performance of the Organization.

The above will be accomplished through:

  • Protection of the Environment, controlling pollution below desired levels, reduction of GHG emissions and other specific commitments relevant to the context of the Organization which includes the sustainable use of natural resources.
  • Fulfilling applicable Environmental, Occupational Health and Safety compliance requirements and other legal obligations.
  • Eliminating hazards, minimizing waste generation, reducing water consumption, energy conservation through innovative practices such as REUSE, RECYCLE and RECOVERY practices.
  • Reducing the occupational risks by strictly compliance with the safe management of chemicals & hazardous substances.
  • Prevention of Nearmisses, injuries, incidents and ill health by providing Personal Protective Equipment, Education, Training and adhering to safe operating practices laid down.
  • Consulting and encouraging the participation of employees (including workers) & other interested parties for upholding the practice of Emergency preparedness, Fire protection equipment, Engineering controls and other equipment safety measures.
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