Sakthi Auto Component Limited is an unlisted public, limited by shares company incorporated on 19th February, 1999. The headquarter is situated in Coimbatore which is also known as "Manchester of South India". Our bread and butter are SCC- safety critical components are components that in case of a failure or lack of proper function prevent serious accidents or events.

Sakthi Auto Component Limited, a TITAN in making safety-critical auto components, has evolved into a GLOBAL ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURER operating from India to cater for the global automotive market. Having a long-standing legacy attached to its name and a place in the safety critical components hall of fame as the primary OEM across the nation, Decades of rich experience and an abundance of actions have enabled SAKTHI AUTO COMPONENT LIMITED to become a reputable brand.

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We manufacture products that exceed customer expectations. Our wide catalogue includes

We, SAKTHI AUTO have unleashed a magnitude of manufacturing outputs and performance capabilities, creating a scope of unprecedented achievement never before. This is possible with the conscious integration of latest technology, expert work force, and the largest foundry system for our needs.


The evolution of technologies and tools permeates every granule of our operations. It has propelled our growth and solidified our status as the PREFERRED CHOICE with our treasured customers. Our legacy in making safety-critical auto parts with global standards for 40+ years is unmatched and chiselled with our commitment to delivering superior value.


Quality Assurance is the key to world class operations and when “WE” assure, it means the “FINEST” & “SAFEST” possible quality.“Efficiency” & “Effectiveness” in all that we do have shaped our MINDSET, and drive our pursuits of Quality Excellence Our focus remains steadfast - to create the BEST-IN-CLASS QUALITY components and roll them out across the globe.